Best Personal Protection Devices for Women

What are the best personal protection devices for women? Do you own at least one of them? Do you bring it around with you or is it simply sitting in your dresser drawer?

The sad thing is that not all females are aware how important  personal protection devices for women are. Some women have these devices and even spend money for them but do not really bring them around. If you still haven’t got them, then here are some ideas to get you started…

Pepper spray – The pepper spray is among the top favorites for  personal protection devices for women. To use this device, a woman can spray on the attacker’s eyes and face. Most pepper sprays are small and handy, easy to fit in a small purse or pocket.

Batons and Sticks – Batons and self-defense sticks are very useful to have with you since these harmless-looking devices can hurt an attacker when used right. They can look like a pen or a keychain so they are easy to disguise. It is best to have one of these  personal protection devices for women to be used as the primary defense weapon against an attacker.

Taser Gun – Small taser guns are now readily available. One can have a taser gun in a purse or it can be within easy reach at home. Having a taser gun is extremely useful indoors and outdoors against attackers.

Door Brace – A security door brace is useful as it allows you to provide added security for your home or even for your dorm room. Security door braces are also ideal to give away as gifts to kids going to college so they can have better protection against dorm room intruders.

Portable Alarms and Cameras – Portable alarms and security cameras now belong to the most sought after  personal protection devices for women. There are models which can be brought along to travels and trips so one can feel more protected even in hotel rooms.

It is important to have at least one of these devices especially if you want to give more protection for yourself. If you already have them, be sure to use them as their purpose would be defeated if they just lie in your bag or room. After all, having these  personal protection devices for women can mean a lot especially since danger can come at you at the most unexpected times.

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